Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 17,008 Gratitude

Today I am so grateful ...

For whomever came up with the great idea of having a photo booth at wedding receptions.  Mind you, my husband and I haven't attended many wedding receptions in the last ten years (wherein "many" means "only one").  I don't recognize a lot of the songs.  I don't know the dance moves.  Fine with me to sit and watch.  A waiter offered us coffee.  We must've had "early bedtime" written all over us.  Sigh.  Yes.  It's happening.  We are the grown-ups.  Not only that, but we are fast becoming the older grown-ups.  Thank goodness for the photo booth and the fact that my husband never met a camera in front of which he hasn't felt compelled to goof off.  There you have it.  Er, um, us.  Twenty years married.  Twenty-five years together.  The bride and groom got a copy along with our best wishes in a scrapbook.  We get to put this copy on our refrigerator to remind us that we will always be as young and silly as we feel.

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