Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 17,679 Gratitude: A Livelihood of Love

Yesterday, I went to the semi-annual Gemstreet show in Sharonville, hopeful to see Ken Harsh, my absolute favorite purveyor of wrappable crystals and stones.  Sometimes he would have a booth there and sometimes not ... which made perfect sense, as sometimes he seemed of this world and sometimes not.  He was an exuberant man with many offerings above and beyond the gems he sold, so I was disappointed when I didn't see his booth, but not particularly surprised.  Yet I wondered.  I wondered enough to do some research. And, sadly, it turns out that what I wondered was true.  He will be sorely missed.

Ken was a generous man.  Without fail, I'd diligently tally my purchases only to have him contemplate my basket and say, "Hmm, how 'bout twenty bucks" ... always significantly less that what I owed.  He was also generous with laughter, information, and stories.  I would come away from his booth uplifted in so many ways and already looking forward to the next opportunity to connect.  Isn't this what each of us should aim for as we do our work in this world?

The photo above is my inventory of gems still waiting to be wrapped.  They are the last from Ken. Bittersweet to let them go, yes, but it's my part in our unspoken agreement.  It's time for them to get to those who need them.  As synchronicity would have it, I recently agreed to participate in the Women Writing for (a) Change Swan Day here in Cincinnati on Sunday, March 30.  Many of these will be adorned and ready to be worn.  I will share more information in the weeks ahead.

For those who so obviously bask in and shine their light through all that they do, inspiring each of us to do the same, I am so deeply grateful!