Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 16,944: Happiness is ...

Happiness is teaching Reiki I
And knowing that my students
Will take what they have learned
Over a fleeting weekend
And be able to apply it
In every single moment
Of every single day
From that weekend forward
To not only treat themselves
But other people
And all sorts of animals
In a variety of settings
Simply holding the space
With the utmost compassion
So that peace and grace may grow
I get to do a lot of cool
And deeply meaningful things
In this magic beans life of mine
But the privilege of launching
Someone on a lifelong journey
Is one of the greatest
Privileges and blessings of all
Congratulations Julie
From your teacher, Julie

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 16,939: Sedona Deck

A dear friend introduced me to her Sedona Deck Oracle (by Sedona artist, Kathleen Gabriel) shortly after we met.  We both are smitten with all things Sedona (and all things card deck, for that matter) and she knew that I would love it.  Sedona is so beautiful, such a treasure, and this deck really captures its icons and energy.  It wasn't until another dear friend's birthday approached last month that I remembered this deck.  I had traveled with her to Sedona in 2004 and 2005, so I knew that she would love it.  Of course, I had to order a deck for myself as well.  It was about time!  I contacted Kathie directly to order and the package arrived lightning fast.  Now I love to go through the cards, pull one per day to meditate upon, and find myself longing to get back to the place that inspired their creation.  It, too, is about time! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 16,937: Good for Me

Today I am so grateful ...

To have my husband back home from Atlanta.  Earlier than expected, I might add.  And he brought home local beer with one of the most artistic labels I've ever seen on a bottle of brew.  I am itching to try my hand at sketching  it! 

To get the newest wrappings posted to my Etsy shop.  Let's see, we have a Tekitite, Green Calcite, Wascoite (Picture Jasper), and Moss Agate pendants that needs homes.  Check out the widget in the right sidebar for peek.

To be back on Twitter at jakksmagicbeans.  A wise friend describes the Twitterverse as a playground ... a place to find wonder and magic.  Isn't that lovely?  The same can be said for Facebook, I suppose.  I won't lie, though.  I am still trying to find my groove with the whole social media thing, but I am so glad to have various tools to get my words, wraps, and Reiki out into the world.  It's good for me to press against the edges of my comfort zone.

What's been especially good for you these days?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 16,936: While He's Been Away

I must confess that I'm not a huge fan of my husband traveling for work.  It isn't so much that I need him with me all of the time.  I'm a self-sufficient, fully capable and resourceful kind of gal.  We certainly aren't stitched together at the hip.  And, well, I love that we can journey into this world separately with the knowing that the fort is always well-held.  It's just that life is better when he's right here.  Everything is better.  And the fact that I can say that after being together for almost 25 years and married for 20 of them means a lot.  

So while he has been away over this long weekend, I have divided my time between a sofa nest yesterday (the cozy likes of which needed to be seen to be believed) and hunkering down in the Workshop for wrapping and a dear friend's Reiki treatment today.  I had big plans for the entire weekend to be all art, but it didn't dawn on me how exhausted I was until I finally stopped spinning and sat the heck down for a sec.  Once I was down, I couldn't get back up.  Not a bad thing at all.  I needed that well-filling break.

The beauty above was born at my workbench today.  This Moss Agate was yet another stone in the wrapping queue since 2004.  It continues to blow my mind how long I've had so many of these stones and delight me that, on some level or another, I must've been waiting for this copper wire all along.  My style is evolving.  The Moss Agate bead is an interesting addition to the design.  My marching orders were clear.  It just had to be there.  If you've any idea why, please let me know.

With my husband in Atlanta and my daughter away for the day, I took this evening to treat myself especially well.  I bravely weathered a trip to the grocery store for provisions.  I came home with fixings for Butternut Squash and Apple soup, a lovely salad of baby romaine, carrots and raspberries (with my homemade miso vinaigrette - yum!), as well as my favorite cabernet to sip through the prep process.  I lit a candle.  There was music.  It was a lovely way to end a love-filled day.

What's been tripping your gratitude trigger this weekend?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 16,930: Outpouring

The Magic Beans Auction has come to an end.  The winning bids came to a total of $545.  After shipping/handling and Paypal get their cut, it looks like a check for $450 will be on its way to the Shelter Animal Reiki Association to support their good work in the world.  I'm so deeply grateful for this outpouring of support!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 16,929: On a Winter's Day

Today I am so grateful for ...

A winter's morning nestled in my journaling nest on the sofa under a skylight.  Saturday mornings are precious.  There's usually nowhere to be and nothing requiring immediate attention.  With the daughter at work and the husband working out, it's just me with me and art supplies.  Happy sigh.

A winter's afternoon spent in my workshop taking photos of new wrappings for Etsy listings, lovingly organizing the four dozen crystals and gemstones in the queue for wrapping, and making black satin cord necklaces.  I had a hawk encounter while I was down there.  It perched itself in the maple tree outside the window.  It sat.  It preened.  It watched.  At last, it swooped into the shrubbery beside our neighbor's house in an attempt to capture the cardinal that was hiding from it.  I'm glad that the red bird got away.  

A winter's evening with date night written all over it at a pub with the best fish-n-chips and craft beer list in this town, hands down.  Our waitress showered us with 2 ounce samples that came in wee glasses no taller than my thumb (despite how large they look in the photo).  I never would've dreamed it could happen, but I am becoming a coffee stout kinda girl.  This Bavarian Princess has always leaned toward lagers and ambers, but lately my taste buds are preferring darker, richer, sweeter beers.  What other wonderful things am I missing out on because I haven't know better?

For what are you finding yourself grateful on these waning winter days?  

Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 16,928: Wrapped, Wet and Woven

Today I am so grateful ...

For a delicious wrap for lunch.  This Spider Web Jasper just found its way into the queue a couple of weeks ago after a visit to Spirit Wind Trading Post with a local friend who had never been there before.  (I love introducing people to this sweet little store.  I'm convinced that it's invisible unless you're meant to find it.)  This stone is new to me, so I had to do some research on its properties.  I love that it's supposed to soothe frayed nerves.  Might explain why I was so drawn to it in the first place!  It also supports awareness of how universal energies and processes work in relation to the web of life, which is a purpose as beautiful as the stone itself.  I felt like it needed a Hematite bead for grounding and protection.  It's wrapped up in bright copper wire which has become my favorite of the three kinds of copper I'm using.

For the opportunity to take this day's walk in the falling snow.  It's no secret that I've never been a huge fan of winter.  I am the first in line to gush about how easy this one has been in relation to what we've endured in recent years.  But a walk in the falling snow is like a walk in the rain ... a baptism of sorts.  Well worth getting wet.

For true-blue friends who are gentle and kind when I must excuse myself from plans when the day's stars won't align.  Despite my highest hopes and best intentions, my professional and personal life had too many moving parts to synchronize today.  I had evening plans to attend the Summerfair Emerging Artists Opening with one such friend to celebrate another friend's beautiful work.  (Yay, Simone!).  By late afternoon, out of sheer fatigue, I finally surrendered to the fact that something on my flight plan had to give and, unfortunately, it was this event.  Sigh.  All of our relationships should be woven of such honesty, ease, and understanding ... especially in these complex and often crazy times.  Unconditional good-standing with loved ones is a precious gift not to be taken for granted.

What is your gratitude web woven of these days?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 16,927: Music to My Eyes and Ears

Today I am so grateful for ...

The light wand that is a bright white pencil upon pitch black paper.  Mandalas are good medicine.

My first Etsy sale of 2012!  Happy travels, Girasol pendant ... may you bring the wearer as much joy as wrapping you brought to me.

The goodness of a new-to-me song

What's been music to your eyes and ears these day?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 16,926: Of Snowfall, Red Birds, Weight Loss and Widgets

Today I am so grateful ...

For picture-proof that we DID see snow in Cincinnati in the Winter of 2011/12.  Half an inch yesterday morning, which brought the season total to a whopping 2.5 inches.  It melted away by the afternoon.  My favorite weather dude told me we would normally have over a foot of snow recorded by now.  I've never been a fan of normal anyway.

For the convention of cardinals that I happened upon while I took my lunch time walk.  I'd never seen so many red birds in one yard.  It made me laugh.

For reaching a winter weight-loss milestone ... 10 pounds since November 21st.  Usually I pack on 10 pounds through the dark time, but instead I had unknowingly (okay, maybe a little knowingly) packed it on (and half as much on top of it) throughout the whole of the year instead.  Thanks to this warm, dryish winter, I've been walking outside regularly.  I've also been making better choices in how I nourish myself.  (Hello, green smoothies!)  It hasn't been easy and I haven't always been a good sport about it, but the results encourage me to stay the course and embrace these lifestyle changes for the long-term.

For the joy of the Taos 2012 countdown widget.  I am eager and excited to get back to the Land of Enchantment ... to Mabel's.   

For realizing how much I've missed these gratitude posts and having the good sense to come back around to them.

For what are you feeling grateful through these February days?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 16,925: The Process

Since I have resumed wrapping, I've definitely noticed a shift in my style.  The copper has inspired it.  Maybe even required it.  Hard to tell.  We're still getting to know each other.

I never predesign.  It never works.  Instead, I sit with the stone.  I stare at the wire.  I wait for a hunch.  Only then do I move forward.  Intuition leads the way. 

What I think a pendant will look like when I begin is usually nowhere near what it looks like at the end.  If I'm doing it right, there will be at least one point, typically halfway through, when I find myself convinced that the design won't hold and that everything up to that point has been a waste of time and wire. 

But guess what ...

It always holds.  It's never a waste.  It's all about trust.  A constant reminder to keep moving forward anyway, for which I am so grateful.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 16.923: Grumpitude

When I find myself worried, sad or grumpy, I make myself sit down here, at my workbench.  Just sit.  I don't touch anything while in that state.  I certainly don't try to make anything either.  I simply sit. And then I breathe.  No rush at all.  Taking my time.  Breathing in, then breathing out.  Eventually, I start to sense the energy of the crystals in the room like a warm blanket put around me by someone who holds me dear.  As I sit there, breathing and basking, I feel everything within and around me start to soften and transform.  Out the window with the help of burning sage goes whatever needs to go.  Through this releasing and relaxing, I am left refreshed and renewed.  And for the experience as a whole, I am left feeling so very grateful.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 16,920: Magic Beans for SARA

Yesterday was the first day of the Magic Beans Auction for the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA).  I have nine sterling silver/gemstone pendants and eight pairs of sterling silver earrings, all handwrapped by me, up for bids.  The auction ends at noon (Eastern Time) on Sunday, February 12.  The winning bids (less $5 for shipping and handling) will go to support the outreach efforts of SARA (the wonderful non-profit organization through which I teach Reiki).  After just one day, the leading bids totalled $290.  Less the shipping and handling on the 11 pieces with bids ($55), there was already $235 earmarked for SARA.  More bids have been placed through the day today.  And there are still 10 days to go!  I hope that you will consider bidding.

The newest pendants wrapped in copper wire are up in the Etsy shop.  I look forward to having pieces available at the Reiki Room of Dayton in the weeks ahead.  I am so happy and grateful to once again be getting these gems out in the world to work their magic.  Thanks as always for your support!