Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mandala Monday: Week 22

Hmm, Mandala Monday on Tuesday this week? Sorry about that. I created the mandala on Monday, but woke up this morning with the realization that I never posted it. It is ready to download here.

Congratulations to Kris, who is the raffle winner for the second month in a row. Kris makes some absolutely beauty-full mandalas and she loves to send them to me for the Gallery. They are color-full treats for the eyes!

But, hey, don't let her have all of the fun ... you should send me yours, too! It doesn't matter if you color your mandalas with crayons, pencils, paint, or lipstick. Stay in the lines or, better yet, DON'T. Just scan or photograph your finished piece and e-mail it to me for the Gallery so that you have a chance when this month's raffle winner is drawn on December 1!

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