Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 15,938: New Mandala and Reiki Tails

First things first. There is a new (free) mandala for you to download and color. Get it while it's hot!

I took a couple of hours of vacation time this morning to spend with my feline friends at the League for Animal Welfare. I gave Reiki treatments to Jake, Sasha, Elvis and Jenna. You can see their photos and read about their personal situations here. I swear that I get so much more from these visits than I could possibly give. Does the Reiki really help them? I think so. I can tell by how much they relax during their treatment. But I can't know for certain and that has to be okay. It's enough for me to be there for them and to hold the space for whatever it is that they need. And, hopefully, in some way that I cannot explain, it will bring out the best them so that they will be adopted. All I know for certain is that the time there goes very fast and feels really good.

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