Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 17,361 Gratitude: Beautiful Transformation

I shall ceaselessly sing the praises of good mail days.  Thank heavens for them and their contents.  Today's good mail is good medicine.  My friend, Kate, in Holliston, Massachusetts made these just for me.  The prayer beads AND the sketch with a bead-by-bead description of how each one will support me.  To declare that these are already immensely treasured would be an understatement.

This journey from mother toward crone (or queen, if you prefer) ain't for sissies.  The only way through it is through it ... with all of the tools that can be gathered and patience that can be mustered.  On clinched-fist days, it can help so much to have something to hold.  It helps even more to feel held by something greater in return.   

For all of this I am so grateful.

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