Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 17,718 Gratitude: Wellbeing is a Team Sport

The big orange guy of the house isn't feeling well. The mobile vet came over today to look him over and help us figure out what's going on and how we can collaborate to support him in getting better. It got me to thinking about wellbeing teams ... how we each have one and how they include more than just our physician. Therapists, teachers and healers of all kinds can round out our wellbeing team. Beautiful people who prepare us beautiful food. The librarians. The musicians. The sales clerk at the art supply store. They, too, in their own way, can serve to support our wellbeing! Let's not forget our family and friends who are so often on the front line, providing succor as needed. For my own personal wellbeing team and the wellbeing teams of those I love, I am so deeply grateful.

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Amy said...

You are part of my team for sure Julie!!! Lovely post!