Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mandala Mania is Contagious ... in a Good Way

I'd like congratulate Carla, the July winner of the Monday Mandalas raffle. You can view her lovely mandala here.

I would also like to share a lovely message that I received from my friend, Julie Lusk:

"Your mandalas made nice company on my plane ride - and the same goes for the young girl who was in my row (about 12 years old). We both had fun coloring and she asked me if I was an artist. I replied, "No, just someone who likes to color." By the time we were getting luggage her mom heard all about our coloring (her mom sat in another row) and they were all smiles. Your energy and good will radiates all over the place."

Ahhh, mission accomplished!

Speaking of energy and good will, you really should visit Julie's website ... it is positively brimming with helpful information and resources. I am so fortunate to be able to attend her yoga classes each week here in Cincinnati.

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