Thursday, August 16, 2007

Reiki Tails for Visit on August 7, 2007

I'm sooooooooo late on this post. Had some problems getting the widget to work for me, but all is well now. We weren't able to visit this week due to work and school activity commitments, but hope to make it there for a visit early next week before my daughter's first day of school.

The great news from our visit last week was that both Toby and Velveteen were adopted. Toby arrived at the shelter early last winter. His family had to give him up due to a child's allergies. I always feel most sorry for new arrivals in those situations and happiest for them when they find a new home.

Let's see if I can remember what happened our our rounds.

We finally got to visit Room 1, which is usually being cleaned when we visit. Little Stardust was such a cutie. She isn't on the shelter website anymore, so no doubt she has been adopted. We saw Oscar grooming her. And even Diane played mama when Calhoun was trying to play-attack. Diane gave Calhoun a little swat that said, "We'll have none of that in here, young man." Sookie was just hanging around, watching it all.

In Room 2, both Juliette and Argentina came running up to us when we arrived. Very unusual. Maybe they've made a truce. Juliette let me pet her on the kitty condo. She is looking much better and Argentina is certainly being much more personable around us.

In the kitten room, we could have gobbled up the sugary sweetness of Abdul and Amaretta. They won't be there long, I'm sure.

In Room 4, Ava and Scrunchie approached us, but none of the cats seemed particularly interested in receiving much attention.

In Room 6, Sid was scratching at the door for us. And Gretel was very responsive to being petted. She liked sniffing my hair, for some reason. I wish that she didn't flinch before each stroke, but I guess it will take some time for her trust people. At least she is open to being touched. For many months, she wouldn't even let me make contact. Tiki did a lot of leg-rubbing, but wasn't interested in hopping in my lap. There was a sweet kitten in the room ... Wyoming. Kittens, kittens, everywhere!

There are new cats in Room 7. Kayla is a beautiful calico and Smoky is white and gray. This room was getting quite empty, so it is nice to see some new furry faces there to keep Sharley and Tulip company.

In Room 3, there were a couple of new cats too. Linley is a Tortie and Amblin is a black cat. I had to wake up Caroline to say hello and I'm afraid that I startled her when I did. After she realized it was me, she was very animated. I look forward to being able to put her in my lap one day, but taking baby steps for now.

Room 5 was being cleaned, so we didn't get to visit our friends there.

All in all, it appears that I didn't do much, if any, hands-on Reiki, other than through petting ... but, again, I don't have to make physical contact in order to offer it and have it be received. I feel bad missing a visit this week, but that will make next week's visit that much sweeter.

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