Monday, November 30, 2009

Waterfall Reiki Shawl Begins

Today I prepared the yarn to begin a brand new Reiki shawl, which hereafter shall be lovingly referred to as Waterfall I. The last shawl that I made was over the summer for a dear friend who is wading her way through the grieving process. It is such an honor to be able to create and offer something that can be of comfort to another.

Each time I finish a Reiki shawl, I have every intention of immediately fetching more yarn to begin another. But I blink and days, weeks, and sometimes even months pass me by without so much as one stitch. Somehow the Goddess of Needlework always forgives me, because no matter how much time goes by, this process never fails me ... never fails to flow. It also never lets me go. There will be always be another. Not an if, but when.

Today actually marks Day 2 of the Reiki shawl creation process. I count the quest for the yarn as Day 1. This is when you will find me at the local Hobby Lobby, doing my best to make up my mind. Despite my personal preference for all things natural, I like the yarn that I use for many reasons. There is a wide variety of rich colors and varigated combinations available. Color is important. It is also super soft, which is important, too. And, quite frankly, the affordability makes it so much easier for me to keep these shawls coming. But I do hope to have organic options available in the future.

Day 2 is about energetically clearing the yarn and charging it up with Reiki. I wind each skein into a ball and flash back to sitting at my grandmother's feet, watching her do the same. I'm not sure if it really makes the crocheting process that much easier than leaving the skein as purchased, but this step connects me to Grandma and other ancestors who, out of love and necessity, crafted things of warmth and comfort with a needle and string. These women are in every stitch I make.


Lynda Lippin said...

Nice! I love the idea of the reiki shawl and infusing gifts for others with the healing energy of Reiki.


(By the way, this Reiki Guru left three separate comments of this exact one here on my reiki blogs - I deleted every single one!)

Jakk said...

Hi Lynda! Thanks so much for stopping by! Reiki really is the gift that keeps on giving.