Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 16,292: On Emergence and Momentum

(Photo from Archives: 7/23/2006)

Ah, another photo on the theme of emergence. Not usually a fan of flash, but so glad that I was able to catch this shot on a walk at a local nature preserve several years ago. As with the butterfly, I was at the right place at the right time.

At this very same nature preserve, on a Memorial Day morning, my husband and I had a wild turkey cross our path and moments later spotted a fawn curled up beside a fallen tree less than 20 feet from the trail. It's mama was nowhere within our sight, but I have no doubt that she had her eyes on us. This is a magical place only minutes by car from my typical suburban neighborhood. The 45 minutes that it takes to walk the looping trail always feels like a joy transfusion.

Today's joy involved fighting the good fight in the lawn and garden department of our local home improvement store. Mother's Day is typically planting-palooza at my house, but that weekend was a weather wash-out this year. Per the pandemonium my husband and I encountered, we weren't the only ones trying to make up for lost time while the sun (briefly) shines. With our window boxes now in acceptable order, stuffed with purple wave petunias which are, at this stage, ragged and worse for the wear, I feel that this day's most important work is done. Tomorrow, when it rains again, I won't feel the least bit guilty about succumbing to A&E programming ... my current drug of choice.

As much as all things related to house flipping and paranormal activity beckon to numb me out for an afternoon, I don't want to lose this momentum. In terms of household projects. In terms of writing here. In terms of all of my creative loves that I tell myself that I don't have time to do. It's a balance, I know. The doing and the not doing. And, of course, the stories that I tell myself about said doing and not doing. *sigh* At least for today, I know that I showed up and put out. This, for me, is enough.

You see, the hokey-poking isn't the THAT that it's all about. It's really showing up and putting out. Quote me on that. Tomorrow, God willing, we will be invited to do it again, you and me. Show up and put out. I hope to see you then.

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