Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 16,297: Musical Oracle

I bring my iPod to the office with me. It really helps me to tune out any commotion in the outer world and lets me sharpen my focus on the task at hand. It’s a good mood booster as well. These days, I can use all of the help in that area that I can get.

I would have to say that my iPod library is at least one-third spoken word material. Podcasts. Book chapters. Poetry. Seminars. Motivational and educational what-have-you.

The music in my library is a rather eclectic mix as well ... wherein eclectic is a nice way of saying bizarre. To say that my tastes are broad would be an understatement. The majority of songs would be considered relatively normal, I suppose, covering the last 30 years or so. Evidence of the mileage on me. But as a Reiki practitioner, I also have a lot of what my husband lovingly refers to as “whale sounds” that play in the background during treatments. And then I should confess to the Gregorian AND Sanskrit chanting as well as the singing bowls. Native American flute? Got that covered, too. Funk and folk? Speed metal? A bit of techno for good measure? Yes, yes and affirmative. I’m complex ... 32 flavors, baby.

I simply set the iPod on shuffle and let whatever comes up, come up. The music tumbles with the spoken material and magically plays out in some semblance of what I swear is order. I know that there is no logical reason to expect that there should ever be any guidance there, but I swear to you that there is. Always. Sometimes powerfully so.

Anything strange about or on your iPod? Purge yourselves, dear ones. Let's hear it.

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amelia said...

I pulled out an old mp3 player the other day as I was heading out for a run. Can I just tell you how surprised I was to discover that I have downloaded "Wicked" onto the player and never listened!!??