Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 16,682 Gratitude

Synchronicity and Kate Cartwright delivered us to photographer Lenny Foster's presentation at the Taos public library on our first full day in town. It had been a whirlwind morning, literally and figuratively, so I don't think I sat down with any particular expectations beyond relief from the cold outside. I was not the least bit prepared to be so deeply touched by the candid glimpse into Lenny's personal journey and the power behind his deeply moving images.

Feast your eyes on the video that first broke my heart wide open to Taos:

Amy and I were eager to visit Lenny at his gallery and introduce ourselves. We were welcomed there with open arms. He generously offered his time to lead interested workshop participants on an early morning photo shoot at La Morada de Don Fernando de Taos, which we never would have located on our own. It turned out to be a magical morning of storm clouds rolling and I got some of my best shots there. Pure magic. Lenny even hosted our entire group at his gallery so that everyone could see the video and hear some of his stories. Not only did we meet another talented artist, but made another friend there as well.

That's how Taos rolls. Arrive a stranger and leave in love with everyone and everything in town. Time to put up a new countdown to our return in June 2012!

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