Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 16,683

It dawned on me last night
That my last entry in my sketchbook journal
Was on the flight from Albuquerque to Chicago
Ten foggy and flailing days before
I was still thinking that I might
Sort through the ephemera
And artfully add more to the pages
But once I got out the maps, menus and such
I got the distinct feeling that closure was in order
It was time for me to be wholly back home
Grateful for the experience and ready for more
The pages from this trip could stand complete
The greatest gift from Amy's sketchbook journaling process
Is that it invites us to wake up to each moment at hand
And how we want to capture what it is
That captures our appreciation within it
In our journal and through it, day after day well lived
This opportunity is not exclusive to Taos
I am free to practice this every single day of my life
Wherever it is that I am
With my trusty sketchbook at the ready
And in the process rewired with an even greater capacity
For deep gratitude

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