Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 16,989: Lost Causes, Egret Medicine, and Fresh Hatchings

Today I am so grateful ...

For yet another reminder that there's really no such thing as a lost cause.  Okay.  Maybe.  Sometimes.  But I stand firm in my belief that there are no lost causes in terms of art.  I started this drawing with a design in mind.  It's no secret that I love my Caran D'Ache Neocolor Crayons.  I am in childlike awe of how my drawings with them are magically transformed with water.  Unfortunately (or not), this time I got a wee bit overzealous with blotting and blending.  The liberal use of black crayon turned it into a snapshot of the bottom of an ash tray.  I let it dry, then started doodling on it with a white Prismacolor pencil and learned that sometimes what appears to be a mess can be the gateway to a new direction in disguise.  I need to remember to apply this discovery to my day-to-day life.  

For a wonderful walk-and-talk late this afternoon with a friend who recently returned from an amazing trip to Sedona.  Our conversation naturally shifted toward how we might get out there together before the end of the year.  Goodness knows that I should need to restock my wrapping inventory by this autumn, right?  A large low-flying bird caught my eye as we schemed.  I thought it was a hawk, but the wingspan and long legs gave it away.  A very odd bird to see in our suburban neighborhood!  Of course, I looked up Egret medicine as soon as I got home.

For other summer travel possibilities that sprung up all of the sudden like dandelions on a sunny day.  They are still in that freshly hatched and fragile stage where I feel like I need to keep them warm and safe in my pocket until they decide whether or not to manifest.  But I can't help but be hopeful, excited and begin to quietly mull the logistics of these adventures in my daydreams. 

What has you feeling grateful these days?

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