Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 17,101 Gratitude

My Facebook pal, Janet Goldman, posted this today.  I love the message.  It's important.  I think most of us are prone to some measure of hiding our true, unedited self.  It's human nature, I suppose.

Thankfully, the older I get, the weirder I become.  Much more random, as well.  And to the degree that I can know myself, whilst ever learning, stretching, transforming and expanding, I try to bravely (and sometimes brazenly) be it, all of it, as openly as possible.

Not so long ago, I was inclined to hide all but what I thought was my most presentable self.  Sometimes, in certain stressful situations, I am inclined to revert back to that habit.  I never really gave much thought to how I might not only be cheating myself in doing so, but cheating others as well.

It's not just about love, as per the message above, although, yes, that is important.  But also we never know who might be inspired, served, and quite possibly saved by the person we hide.  Just a thought.  And that thought makes me feel grateful today.  Come on out and play!

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