Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 17,120: What I Weave

Coming back around to my first house in Virgo, my personal new year time is soon upon me.  It coincides with the annual abundance of tunnel spiders inside and behind the window boxes which we can view (much like an ant farm) from our living room windows.  Sadly, my husband and daughter loathe them.  They just don't get the message.

Spider is a totem for me and Jakk's Magic Beans Workshop (with its eight limbs of expression and service).  Spider reminds me to be awake to what I'm weaving.  What do I intend to offer through it?  What do I hope to draw to and from it?  There is a literal and my figurative "web" to consider here and lots of food for thought.

These are important questions year round, of course, but particularly significant as I repack my medicine bag for another trip around the wheel of the year.  Changes are obviously afoot.  Thanks, as always, for joining me on the journey.  I hope you find nourishment here.

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