Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 17,647 Gratitude: Bullet Journaling

Here we are ... the last week of January.  Although quiet here on the blog, I've been here, um, there, er, in my Magic Beans Workshop above.  Collaging continues.  I'll share more soon.  There are gems that I've been commissioned to wire-wrap into pendants.  Reiki shawls have been in progress.  And, last but not least, there has been a fair amount of brainstorming too.

On that end, Bullet Journaling has been a new year blessing to me.  These daily lists not only capture the things I need to do, but also events, observations and ideas ... the things that might otherwise float away, uncaptured and unexplored.  I've slightly modified the process to suit the way that I'm wired and, as a result, I'm accomplishing things that have been bugging me in their undoneness for months ... if not years.  Why has this system been so successful for me?  Simple.  I get tired of writing down the same undone tasks each day.  Get 'em down.  Get 'em done.  Move along.

What tools and techniques have been keeping you organized and inspired as we move forward into 2014?

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