Monday, June 11, 2007

Mandala Monday: Week 1

Welcome to the very first Jakk's Magic Beans Workshop Mandala Monday!

I have fallen in love with creating mandalas and I'm on a mission to get everyone to spend some quality time with a box of crayons. Coloring mandalas is a peaceful project that supports well-being by reducing stress. Had a long day? Color a mandala. Have a difficult phone call to make? Color a mandala. Have a problem on your mind? Yes, color a mandala. You get the idea.

Feel free to save the JPEG above. It should print as an 8x10 image, but it will (unfortunately) be a little bit fuzzy ... which won't matter if you are coloring it. For a coloring book quality copy, visit the Mandala Mondays page to download a PDF for free.

Your colored mandala (scanned or photographed) can be sent to me via e-mail to be uploaded to the Mandala Mondays album in the Gallery. (Think of it as a virtual version of your childhood refrigerator door.) When you do, you will be automatically entered into the monthly Mandala Mondays drawing to win a colorful pair of Jakk's Magic Beans Workshop earrings. (Only one entry per month, please!) The drawing for the June winner will be on Saturday, July 1st.

Happy coloring!

1 comment:

Susie said...

As a therapist with Jungian foundations, I am delighted with the idea of Mandala Mondays. Much better than Manic Mondays. Happy Monday, Julie :)