Thursday, June 28, 2007

Reiki Tails

As you can tell from the slide show above, my daughter and I had a busy visit to the shelter this week. Freckles was my big orange surprise. He's been there for a long time and usually doesn't pay much attention when we visit. This time was different. He hopped right up in my lap and laid down facing away from me, like he wanted me to give Reiki to his hips. Reiki goes where it is needed, regardless of where I put my hands, but I did find it interesting that he kind of pointed the way in his own way. Freckles is an older gent of about 10 years, so maybe he is having some arthritis issues. I'm not in any position to try to make a diagnosis, but had I sensed that anything serious was going on (which I didn't), I would have mentioned something to the staff so that they could contact the vet. But Freckles seemed content to have hands-on Reiki, which many cats find a bit too intense, so something must have needed healing. After awhile, he hopped off of my lap and into his kitty condo to take a nap. Enough was enough. I always let the animal decide when the treatment is over, although some would likely sit there forever. Afterward, most want a long drink of water or a long nap.

I was asking my daughter this week if she thought that she might like to learn Reiki some day. She said, "No, it's your thing, Mom." Little does she know that she is already sending love and healing to the animals in her own unique way. I can tell by the way that they respond to her. Pictures really are worth a thousand words.

We found out that our new feline friend from last week, Rosalina, was adopted. That's the kind of news I can use. Shelter newbies like Bright are often eager for Reiki. Certainly, adapting to shelter life must be stressful, to say the least. But certainly the long-termers like Freckles appreciate it as well.

Each week, I learn more from them, through Reiki.

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