Thursday, June 21, 2007

Reiki Tails

Recently, my daughter and I had the opportunity to visit the The League for Animal Welfare, a local no-kill shelter. We've been volunteers there since last November. On this visit, we arrived during an unusually quiet time and found ourselves to be the only volunteers in the cat wing. This gave me the opportunity to have a seat in each of the rooms and offer Reiki to any cat that hopped into my lap, for as long as they cared to receive it. Of course, every cat in the room benefits from it, even if they choose to hide on the other side of the room, but some cats really want and enjoy the close contact. Some will even sniff and lick my hands as they sit there. I felt pretty popular when I was virtually swarmed upon entering certain rooms. It was like, "Hey, where have YOU been?" It makes me wish I could visit them everyday.

We hadn't been able to visit the shelter in a few months, so there were a lot of new feline friends to meet. The new friend on my lap in this photo is Rosalina and she is two years old. She came to the shelter with seven kittens and now awaits a home of her own. They say that she loves to hop on your lap and get attention, but I really can't confirm. *wink* I do know for certain that Rosalina loves Reiki ... she was kneeding her front paws the whole time.

This is my old friend, Bonnie. She is three years old and has been at the shelter a long time. She was found at an animal sanctuary, living with a group of feral cats. Up until this visit, Bonnie had always been too shy to make contact, so this photo capturing our connection is very special to me.

My daughter and I plan to visit the shelter on a weekly basis at least through this summer. When school is in session, it isn't always possible to go that often, but we definitely try. I love sharing Reiki with the kitties there ... and I look forward to sharing more Reiki Tails with you!

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