Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 State of the Workshop Address

I hope that your New Year is off to a wonderful start! I've been in an assessing mood since it arrived. Contemplative. What to bring forward? What to release?

Seems like the perfect time for a State of the Workshop Address.


In 2008, the I-AMulets moved from the magicbeansworkshop.com website over to Etsy and back to the magicbeansworkshop.com again. I want to give them the best possible exposure so that they can do their wooing, which may mean putting them back up on Etsy again. These particular I-AMulets have been waiting a long time for someone to bless. The reduced adoption fees reflect that, so see if one woos you. I intend to get back to regular wrapping this year. I've missed it terribly.

.:.Reiki Treatments.:.

In April, I will be traveling to the San Francisco area to take Reiki teacher training. Excited is an understatement, but I'll gush about that later. To get those Reiki juices flowing, I feel inspired to try to give 40 in-person treatments before I go. It's an idea that keeps niggling at me everyday. But having the regular full-time job significantly limits the time that I'll have available to offer them. Didn't someone say, "Where there's a will, there's a way"? I have treatment space in my home-based workshop ... with a comfy table and everything. It could happen. It could really happen. Pretty easily, at that. Stay tuned!

.:.Feng Shui.:.

I have been secretly crafting an eCourse that will enable you to go through your own home and assess it with the eyes of a feng shui consultant. The pace will be gentle ... a nine week journey. You will be free to make as many changes as you desire or as few as you feel comfortable. You will be accountable only to yourself. I will virtually hold your hand, room-to-room, every step of the way. Sound like something you may be interested in? Please contact me via e-mail and I will add you to the notify list when it is ready to launch.


I have quite a project ahead of me with setting up the coloring e-books with last year's Mandala Mondays selections, but I do hope to have them available sooner rather than later. As noted on its page, Mandala Mondays will be changing a bit for 2009. A fresh new mandala will be posted on Mondays. Just not EVERY Monday. I'll let you know on this blog as soon as a new one has been posted, so that you can download it and color to your heart's content.

.:.Reiki Shawls.:.

Tis the season for crochetin', so Reiki shawls are flowing. There is something about the needle and yarn in hand that connects me to the generations before me. So grateful. Adding Reiki to the process makes it that much sweeter.


I feel tugged, creatively, in so many different directions. I have been away from "Jakkoupage" for a long, long time and feel it beckoning me again. Happiness is Mod Podge covered fingers, I say! First grade flashbacks are good for the soul! I know that I have a blank box stashed away somewhere and this frosty weekend seems like a wise time to find it. Something about winter brings out the best in me as an artist. The trick is figuring out how to spread it out year round.

I intend to have a regular presence on this blog this year. Not just when I have a mandala to share. Not just when I have an announcement to make. Not just when I am inspired to take on some project or another. Everyday. I would like to connect with you, here, everyday. In some way or another. This blog is called Jakk's Magic Beans Life for a reason!

I will show up. I will put out. It may get messy. But it will be so much more fun if you're here to join me. I have an ABUNDANCE of magic beans to share! I promise!

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