Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 16,128

This Full Moon in Gemini has brought a cold, steady rain. Not so great for the labyrinth walk that had been scheduled for noon today, but perfect weather for crocheting, which is how I contentedly spent my lunch hour. It was a nice way to press the reset button midday and return me to my work-work refreshed. It is delightful to see and feel this shawl begin to take shape after only two days of stitching.

After purchasing and preparing the yarn, each day consists of what I call a symbol series. One series is a row of each Reiki symbol ... the mantra for which is chanted into each stitch. It's very meditative, but energizing for me as well. If I stay on schedule, which should not be a problem, this shawl should be finished by Thursday, December 10.

When I can steal a free minute, I have really enjoyed catching up on reading gratitude lists from Thanksgiving. Heaven knows that I love me some lists. My favorite mermaid, McCabe, left me longing for a Thanksgiving group hug with my girlfriends. Kelly Rae had me all swoony with the photo of her dining room table. What is it about a beckoning spread of art supplies? Gets me every time. Might even love them more than lists. And although many in blogdom have intended to do so but failed over the years, Karen kicked butt and came through with a list of 100 things. Last but not least, I busted out in a full-on happy dance when I discovered that Pixie posted her holiday wishlist for this year ... for that I am very grateful.

It may be too late for a gratitude list here (although is it ever really too late to give thanks?), but I might be able to drum up some kind of list. (Please don't remind me that I never finished my list of 44 wishes for my 44th birthday. I assure you that the 45th wish is to do a better job of finishing what I start.) Stay tuned!

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Mom said...

What a gorgeous color for your shawl Julie. I would love to see it when it is done. I am proud of the "Happy Stitcher" you have become and I know your Grandmother is too.
Happy stitching!