Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 16,135: At Random

Has it really been one week since my last post? Really? Let's catch up.

Celebrating ... our new front door. Our old door was well worn when we bought the house seven years ago, but it was solid wood and had enough charm left in it for us to put its replacement at the bottom of our wish list. Many seasons have come on gone, leaving it warped and troublesome. As my daughter struggled, yet again, to get it open then closed one morning last week, I had to thump myself on the head. I'm a feng shui consultant, for goodness sake! The front door is the mouth to our house! With only a minor twist of my husband's arm, we marched ourselves to the local home improvement store and selected a brand new door that is not only beautiful, but energy efficient too. (Hello, tax credit!) Now we are delighted to more easily welcome family, friends, and wonderful new opportunities into our beloved home. What better time than during the holidays and for the fresh new year on its way?!

Accepting ... that I am behind schedule on the Waterfall I Reiki Shawl. *sigh* I had hoped to have time to work on it every single day, but have discovered that promising to do anything every single day (short of the non-negotiables, of course) is a tough one to keep. The turnaround time would not matter so much if I weren't hoping to crochet two shawls per month. In retrospect, I realize this goal may not be realistic in light of everything else that I have and want on my plate. At this point, Waterfall I is halfway finished and I am thrilled. The colors of it remind me of the sky this morning. Robins egg blue, with wispy swatches of lavendar and slate gray. The healing of the bruised horizon after the storm.

Appreciating ... your understanding for missing Mandala Monday this week. I will be back on schedule next Monday.

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