Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 16,156: Journaling the Changes

You wouldn't know it by checking in here, but I have been journaling up a storm this week. I have always been a pen-to-paper kind of girl and have stacks of journals to prove it, but I also continue to look for tricks to transfer some of that enthusiasm to this venue so that I can share more of my day-to-day life with you (as per the name of this blog). If I could grant you a peek at what I write for myself every morning, oh my, there would probably be a lot of eye-rolling and oh-brother-not-this-agains. I beat the same drum. A lot. But it is the best way that I have found to process things. A good chunk of my journaling time this week has been spent off of the drum and in productive contemplation of my beloved Workshop ... specifically, the hits and misses of 2009 and where I would like to see things grow in 2010. It's revealed to me a lot of surprises and opened doors that I hadn't even noticed before.

All that I do through the venue of Jakk's Magic Beans Workshop is offered in the spirit of service. That will never change. But, in the days and weeks ahead, you will see changes on the JMBW website that reflect changes the way that some services and creations will be offered in 2010 and beyond. I look forward to the freshness of giving new ways of doing things a try. It is all with the intention to be of greater service and support. I readily admit that I am still trying to figure out what works best for this business and all of you whom I have the privilege to serve through it. I swear, it's all that I can do to keep from giving it all away. It is an urge that I do not want to completely resist.

As always, I welcome suggestions and feedback, either here in the comments or via e-mail. Thanks again for joining me on this creative journey.

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