Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 16,203: The View From Here

This is our third winter storm in the last two weeks. It has been predicted to be the worst of the three. I kid you not, the words "snow bomb" were used in the forecast. The drama! Five to nine inches is anticipated to top what was leftover from last week, which should leave us with about a foot of snow when all is said and done. We've certainly gotten off easy when compared to other areas of the country, but still no matter how hard I try to look at the bright side. So. Over. It.

Since it is a holiday, I am gratefully off of work today anyway. But as we all know, the business of Jakk's Magic Beans Workshop never sleeps, so I have been working a bit of magic behind the scenes to get up to speed with all of the cool kids.

You can now follow me on Twitter where I put heavy emphasis on the business of gratitude. As you might've noticed, it has been a resolution this year to amp that up. (No matter how long winter lasts.) Hey, what doesn't gratitude make at least a little bit better? And, last but not least, (drumroll please) you can also become a Fan of Jakk's Magic Beans Workshop on Facebook. At last check, I was still at zero, so I'd love it if you could show me some love.


Susie said...

The words we all want to hear... "snow bomb." Ha ha!

I am now a fan on Facebook!

Jakk said...

Thanks so much, Susie! You know if it's here now, it's on its way to you. Sorry.