Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 16,228: The Toolbelt (Part I)

I had lunch today with a dear friend who, like me, tends to lose her toolbelt frequently. We all have one. A toolbelt ... that bag of tricks that each of us has to take good care of ourselves, especially when the going gets rough. My feng shui teacher referred to it as our chi-raiser list and I like that name a lot.

I promised my friend that I would share the contents of my toolbelt, if she would be so kind as to return the favor. We all can learn from each other, so I decided to share the list here. So far, I have sixty (60!) tools, but the list keeps growing. Here's the first few (in random order) for you to chew on. (Feel free to add your favorites to the comments.)

I try to schedule a one hour treatment no less than once a month. There is something so sacred about having the feet and hands worked on. I find this to be as beneficial to my sense of well-being as a full body massage, but it's a bit easier on the budget.

Reiki Self-Treatment:
No surprise here, I'm sure. I took my first Reiki class as a birthday present to myself almost 10 years ago. I hoped it would help me with my migraine headaches. It did. And then it sent me on a journey that I never would have anticipated. Reiki-self treatments help me to keep stress at bay. I always feel better for having spent that hour on myself.

Raw Living:
I feel my absolute best when I nourish myself with fresh juice and green smoothies throughout the day and then have a big salad for dinner with a side dish of whatever my family is eating (so as not to feel deprived). But I'm not always this disciplined and I find myself far away from this lifestyle more often than not. Thankfully, all it takes is one green smoothie to bring me to my senses and help me to get back on track.

Spirit Winds:
This is a cool little new age shop near my home, but you can fill in the blank with any similar store in your area. It is the perfect pick-me-up when I want to let something pick me out. I have found wonderful beads here ... crystals galore ... incense for the hippy chick in me ... great music, too. More than one perfect gift has been discovered here. It's a magical place to lose myself for awhile.

Transformation Game:
This game rocks my world! It takes some time to setup and play, but it is well worth the investment. I always come away with more than a few insights into the problem/intention that I am "traveling" with each time.

Laughing for One Minute:
This tool came from the Abounding River Logbook. I know it sounds silly, but you must try it. It's not easy to laugh ... I mean really laugh ... for one whole minute. It gives the belly a good workout, which is never a bad thing. But the goodness of it goes far beyond the belly with an often profound shift in energy in such a short amount of time. It makes for a great daily vitamin.

I love, love, LOVE to learn new things. When I find myself in a rut, I start to wonder what it is that I might want to learn. It need not be anything related to my work or business. Taking a class for the fun of it is often the best class of all. It isn't just the knowledge gained that is the gift, but the new friends that I make and new things that I try which help to shape a new me!

Divination Cards:
I have quite the collection of these cards, especially those of the angel persuasion. (Is it possible to have too many?) My favorite cards online are the beautiful Gaian Tarot. Divination cards come in handy when I am wrestling with a problem and need a fresh insight ... a view from a new direction. They make great journaling prompts, too!

Chakra Clearing:
Okay, like the divination cards above, this tool may not appeal to everybody, but it has proven to be helpful to me. I learned this process as part of my Reiki training and also through the Melody crystal classes that followed. It is a meditation for me. It's something that I can do after I have come through a situation with heavy, charged emotions or when I've been with someone who is going through a crisis. Even better if I can remember to do it before climbing into bed at the end of each day. It feels like setting a reset button and brings me back to myself. Those who do healing work and/or are empathic will certainly understand what I mean.

A Date with My Man:
Is there anything better than time spent with the one that you love? We have been together for over 20 years and married for over 18 of them. We have busy lives and it is easy to become disconnected as we go through the course of our week. It is so nice to have an honest to goodness date so that we can be reminded of what brought us together in the first place. The plans need not be extravagant. It is the investment of attention that counts. But a good margarita never hurts.

More to follow ...

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