Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 16,237: Dear Twitter

Dear Twitter:

You and I have been messing around together for awhile. No argument that there is some chemistry between us, but what seems to be lacking here is substance. I will come right out and say what needs to be said. I am somewhere between relatively certain and flat-out positive that no one really gives a rip about what I'm doing on a tweet-by-tweet basis. Heck, I don't even care that much ... and I'm ME!

I know that you can be a helpful marketing tool, but as a result it seems like most of us are out here, fumbling, bumbling, trying to get each other to look at what we have to offer. (Some more literally than others.) I feel like I'm back at a middle school dance, hoping to be noticed and yet hoping that I'm not. Awkward. Am I the only one who feels like, most of the time, you are far more work than fun?

I fantasize about quitting you, but don't feel right about following through until I have given you fair warning and a chance to change my mind. I will hang in there awhile longer. Another month. Maybe two. Tell your buddy, Facebook, that we have issues too. Maybe I'm too old-fashioned for social networking. Maybe blogging is outreach enough for me. Nothing personal.


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