Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 16,722: Frog Medicine

We arrived home late last night
After sweating through Steely Dan in concert
A moist and sticky mid-July evening
Air thick with the songs of night creatures
It stormed while we were away
What held the promise of a welcome respite
From the impressive heat only served
To increase the oppressive humidity
As some things wither in this climate
Other things thrive, as evidenced
By this sweet little guy ... or girl
That had taken temporary residence
On the glass of our back door
We have lived in this house
Over nine years and I still marvel
At the magical discovery of things
That have never before happened
Or revealed themselves here before
A reminder to always stay alert, awake
Because one can never know for certain
What never-before may appear
Frog medicine indicates transformation
Message heard loud and clear

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