Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 16,731 Gratitude

Today I am so grateful ...

For Church of the (W)Hole(y) Foods time with my dear friend, Sandra. We try to meet monthly, but the simmering weeks of this summer got away from us. It was soulful goodness to reconnect with her and it refueled me to share with her the details of my transformational travels.

For watching the two elderly men who sat at the table beside us, right in front of the checkout aisles. They clasped hands above their table and said grace over their meal. Now I am not a grace-sayer, by nature, at least not in the traditional sense. But it warmed my heart to see them so openly sharing their gratitude for their food and the blessing of it.

For Instagram on my iPhone 3GS. This app in combination with Camera+ rocks my socks off. My phone is almost always with me. Having it at-the-ready for photos and the ability to post-process on the spot makes me a happy, playful girl. I'm Jul of the Day on there ... look me up and follow me, if inclined.

For Pamela's Jazz. Beautiful Pamela was part of our Taos sketchbook journaling crew. She is not only an amazing collage artist, but she sings like an angel as well. If you live in the Greater Cincinnati area, you can see her live. Check out her website for details.

For Pixie Campbell's Soul Lodge which begins on August 8 and the fact that I am registered and ready to go! Pixie is one wise, wild woman and I can't wait to discover what magic she has in store.

For taking the leap and registering for Kathleen Prasad's Shinpiden Reiki III class at the C.A.R.E. Foundation in Apopka, Florida, February 23-25. This is an exciting opportunity to practice Reiki with wild and exotic animals at this amazing sanctuary. And Florida at the end of February will be a welcome respite from what is typically a long Cincinnati winter. I always appreciate having an adventure to look forward to ... especially a unique experience like this.

What are YOU grateful for these days?

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Mom said...

I am grateful today for having the "surprise" dinner with my two daughters, one of them being you MY "Jewel of the Day"and of course the two favorite men in our lives.I love both my daughters Kelly who had the idea for the dinner and you Julie being around you seems to magnify the magical side of the inner me and I love it! Thanks for filling it up for me.