Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 16,810 Gratitude

There is a lot to love about October. My neck of the woods has been blessed with an abundance of gloriously warm, bright weather the first half of this month, with turning trees set against azure sky. There have been a couple of grey days thrown in for good measure. Fair warning, I suppose, for what's to come. After the leaves and Halloween decorations come down comes November. The grey days replicate and temperatures drop along with my energy and mood. This transition can be tricky terrain for me.

The third of the wheel of the year which holds November to February may be my personal dark time, but thanks to tools that I've gathered over the years it isn't nearly as difficult to navigate as it used to be.

1) My lightbox is essential from Equinox to Equinox. Twice each day. It works.
2) Walks outside. Rain, snow or shine. Takes motivation, but so worth it.
3) Lunch and artist dates with friends ease my seasonally hermit-ish ways.
4) Massages/reflexology. Essential all year long, but even more so in dark time.
5) Needlework. For me, of the crochet variety. Meditative medicine.
6) Incense. My favorite these days is Juniper Ridge Pinon.
7) Hot tea is essential, but lately I love a cup of miso. So good for you, too!
8) Treks to the library for good books to be read from inside a blanket nest.
9) Soup-making. It isn't the soup so much as it is the process. Soul balm.

Please tell me what you are grateful to have on hand for dark time.


Anonymous said...

Julie, I made your butternut squash soup this weekend - yes, soup-making heals my soul. I'm also grateful for walks, tea, needlework (knitting for me), and library books. And, at the moment, freshly picked apples, new leggings and a new stripey scarf.

I've been thinking of getting a light box to help me through this winter. What kind do you use?

Jakk said...

Katie, I need to revisit all of the soup recipes. I am ready to get cooking!

Here is the link in Amazon to the light box that I have been using for years:

Mom said...

Jul,I will send you the recipe for my potato soup. It is so sinfully good maybe even somewhat fattening but in the winter we need just a tiny bit of fat,don't ya think? Sort of like our chocolate fixes!