Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 16,947: At Random

Another week is getting away from me.  Work demands have been high.  I don't know if there's been more to do or that, in my hormonal haze, it's just felt that way.  What I do know is that I've not been able to get to what fuels me.  There have been no "wraps" for lunch this week.  I haven't been getting out for walks despite the lovely weather.  And I've been more likely to grab for comforts than mason jars of green smoothies. 

That's life.  There will be those weeks when the to do list is long, the demands are high and the resources seem sadly sparse.  But that's when we really get a chance to show what we know when it comes to getting back on track with kindness and noticing that there is still plenty for which to feel grateful despite (and maybe even in light of) life's busyness.

That said, I am grateful for new art books delivered to my door by the cheery mailman.  They will be thoroughly devoured in bite-sized morsels.  I am grateful that my daughter's boyfriend's sister is a Girl Scout, because I've grown awfully fond of having a couple of Savannah Smiles with my morning tea.  Thanks to Emma scoring me two more boxes, I can keep indulging myself for quite awhile.  And, last but not least, I am grateful that no matter how busy I am or how long the lapse between entries, I always find (if not fumble) my way back here to this page.  I'm also (deeply) grateful that you join me here when I do.

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