Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 16,976: Sunrise, Meinrad and Bling

Today I am so grateful ...

That despite having to rise and arrive well before or any sort of shining occurs, I am in the office with access to a window to bear witness to this sunrise.  The building is perched so I high on a hill that the view tricks me into believing I'm flying.  It reminds me of watching the sun rise above the Atlantic horizon during that one precious week of the year when I am with my family at the beach.  This memory softens me and makes this office day okay.

To have discovered the moving artwork of Meinrad Craighead via this video for the documentary, Praying with Images.  (Thank you, Chris Zydel!)

For the honor of wrapping two commissioned amulets this week (one Solar Quartz and one Labradorite) for two dear luminous goddess, high priestess-esqe, healing creatix friends.  One of these two friends received her pendant today.  (Photo below.)  She will wear it tomorrow as she makes her way on a vision questventure (adventquest?) to Sedona.  My other pal will receive her power bling next week.  I can't share the photo (yet) as I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I hope that it rocks her socks off.  In the best way possible, of course.

So what has been filling you with gratitude in these waxing days of light?


Maria Norcia Santillanes said...

That is a very beautiful view from your office and I love that pendant ... so today, I am very grateful I chose to read your blog.

Jakk said...

Hi Maria! *waving at the screen* I am so grateful that you stopped by to say hi!