Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 17,259 Gratitude: Epiphany

Today, on Epiphany, I am so grateful ...

For the fruitfulness of gathering with dear friends for the nourishment of rich conversation, delicious food, and the magic that manifests when playful and creative hearts come together.

For the gift of a CD that feeds within me a mysterious hunger for sacred music of the Renaissance persuasion.  Nestled within the strands of my DNA is the imprinting of an ancient past that makes this music feel like home.

For getting to know "gentle" and how we will play together this year.  The word is working on me ... worming its way into me.  I feel it surface like a wave when I start to pick on myself for the gaps ... for the ways that I appear to be dropping the ball.  Gentle.  I have much to learn.

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