Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 17,318 Gratitude: Last Week/This Week

I found out last week that I wasn't selected for a position to which I'd applied back in November.  The application process was grueling.  The interview process was daunting.  If truth be told, I wasn't entirely certain that I really wanted the position or would be the best person for it, but I pushed myself forward on the assumption that it was merely fear feeding my doubts.  When I got called with the decision, I must admit that my initial reaction was relief.  It might've been a great opportunity and the higher salary would've been helpful in light of college expenses, but the Universe confirmed what I had suspected.  The job wasn't the right fit for me.

I found out this week that a co-worker/friend died after an inconceivably sudden illness and the devastating complications from such.  She was just 44 years old and leaves behind a heartbroken and bewildered husband and two young children.  With her, we were a small but mighty team of six, but now the remaining five of us are deeply grieving and profoundly lost in her absence.  I just can't help but welcome another wave of relief knowing that I didn't have to tell them last week that I was leaving for a new job.  I am grateful to be able to support my colleagues in and through this.

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Jan said...

Jul, who was it?
I am sorry that you have lost a friend and co worker but you and I know no one "lost" her she is still with you all. I think her children will find that out faster than any one will. I hope she wraps her arms around her family and holds them tight to help them through this time. I am sure she will be missed in THIS world.