Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 17,307 Gratitude: These Two and What Reiki Can Do

Over the last several weeks, I've joined a couple of former students/dedicated volunteers in giving Reiki treatments to a few of the dogs with special needs at the shelter where my Reiki classes are held.  I've been so excited to see them actively putting what they learned last November into practice.  And I'm so honored that they've invited me to join them in this effort.  Since treatment time is limited on these Saturday mornings, they have been counting on their fellow volunteers to help them identify specific dogs that urgently need the extra TLC.  Rio and Sheeba (smiling at you from the top of this post) have been regulars on this list.

On my first visit, Sheeba was preparing for surgery to remove several large growths, including the massive one near her shoulder that can be seen in the photo.  The three of us made a point of spreading out in the small room that these two doggy pals share.  We always leave it up to the animals to decide if they want hands-on treatment or not.  (Treating from a distance is equally effective.)  Well, Sheeba wasted no time coming over and laying down right in front of me, completely relaxed and receptive.  Her buddy, Rio, was restless and vocal, like he was trying to tell us their story, but eventually he settled down and into his treatment as well.  Each dog would rotate between the three of us, yawning periodically as they filled up with Reiki. 

My next visit was after Sheeba's surgery and the three of us were a bit shocked at the extent of her incisions and the number of stitches that she had received.  Again, she was open to treatment from us despite her tender condition.  Rio also welcomed us and the Reiki we offered as he recovered from missing Sheeba and wondering why he'd been alone.

When I was back at the shelter yesterday, I was hoping for good news about Sheeba's recovery.  Instead I received even better news ... both Sheeba and Rio were adopted.  Together.  Two best friends in the same forever home. 

None of us can say for certain what role, if any, Reiki played in supporting all that unfolded for them over these last few weeks.  But as long as there is a chance (and I personally believe it is far more than just that), then I will more than gladly continue teaching and treating whomever and whatever is willing to learn and receive.  For all of this, I am so grateful.

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