Sunday, January 3, 2010

Magic Beans Manifesto 2010

"May the work of your hands be a sign of gratitude and reverence to the human condition." --Mahatma Gandhi

Every creation and service lovingly offered through Jakk's Magic Beans Workshop is for the purpose of your upliftment. I want you to visit my journal, read my words, sense a moment that I have captured and, from that, feel better. Simply. Just. Feel. Better. I want to send a Reiki treatment to you and maybe grant a good night's sleep. I want to place Reiki into a shawl that I have crocheted for you or someone you love to wear in healing comfort. I want you to color a mandala that I have created so that you can set your burdens down for awhile. I want you to wear an I-AMulet that I have wire-wrapped, bask in the energy of the gemstones and affirmations, and feel your sense of empowerment return. I want you to one day take my feng shui e-course and feel the confidence that comes from gently taking control of your living space and transforming it with love. I want to lead you to the labyrinth, be it literally or virtually, and have you receive a fresh insight or some long-awaited peace.

It is my highest intention to use my hands and heart to be of support to others in reverence to the human condition. Yours and mine. If you are humming along right now with everything going your way, odds are that you won't be attracted to what I have to offer through Jakk's Magic Beans Workshop, except as a tune-up or a gift for someone who is traveling a turbulent path. Thing is, we all get to travel the turbulent path at various junctures on this journey of a lifetime – and goodness knows that some stretches can be more turbulent than others. Sometimes we can feel so desperate for some relief that we are willing to suspend our doubts and disbelief in order to try something, anything, that under normal conditions would make us point and laugh. We suddenly open wide to trying whatever might work. That is why I am here. This is my gift and service to you ... to be the purveyor of something that just might help or at least provide you respite on your way.

My true payment comes when you tell me that your I-AMulet means so much that you cannot bear to take it off – that it keeps you grounded as you bravely move forward through your divorce, treatment, or seemingly bottomless grief. My true payment comes when you let me know that I have shared a unique resource on my blog that has opened doors for you. My true payment comes when you tell me that you really, truly feel the loving prayers in your Reiki shawl and laugh because you cannot keep your cats off of it. My true payment comes when you share that your ailing parent has found relief in coloring the mandalas that I post. My true payment comes when I send a distant Reiki treatment to your aging hound after your vet has advised that it's a matter of time and you don't know what else to do. Trust me, I do not confuse the exchange of dollars with the true measure of wealth with which Jakk's Magic Beans Workshop blesses me. I give thanks that what I make and do here can matter deeply to you. It certainly does to me. So don't be surprised if you see me conducting business a bit differently here. This is my dream of sacred commerce coming true in joyful service to you.

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