Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 16,269: This is What Joy Looks Like

These pictures are my time machine
They deliver me to Brooklyn in bloom
To the table in the generous kitchen
On the garden level of a brownstone
Brimming with soulful nourishment
Enveloping me like a big, warm hug
Yes, this is what joy looks like


katieleigh said...

YES. Oh, Julie, I miss you. xoxo

amelia said...

Oh that table, the fun we had, the stories we told, the singing we did- thanks for your comment at the blog- I have always gotten up early, except the past 5 years. I am still up early but I tend to hit the ground running, which is not the best way to welcome the day. I am loving the October idea, thanks for working to coordinate it! Love you friend!