Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 16,272: For the Love of Sedona

(Photo from Archives: 4/20/05)

Last night I found out that a new friend lost her heart to Sedona just like I did years ago. We didn't know this about each other when we first met in New York. Not only is it cool to discover that we live in the same city, but we long for the same city as well.

I have been to Sedona, Arizona twice in my life ... once in April 2004 and again in April 2005. Both times I traveled with the same friend who gave quite a sales pitch with a crossed heart and pinky swear that I would not only love it, but my life could be changed. Who wouldn't be intrigued? Although I despise the term, I can't think of another to adequately explain it, so here goes nothing. (Promise you'll love me anyway.)

I had (and continue to have) what may be considered New Age tendencies.

There. I said it. Those who know me well and are reading this now are laughing and giving this confession a "Duh!" But living in southwestern Ohio, a Reiki Master like me with an affinity for wire-wrapping crystal and gemstone pendants, flies her freak flag discretely. (My Reiki teacher was an elderly Catholic nun, if that's any consolation.) In Sedona, I am right at home with my adoration of holistic and alternative modalities. If the truth be told, out there I'm probably considered a bit ho-hum. Nothing much to see here. Please move along.

I can count on one hand the very best days of my life and the first full day of my first visit to Sedona is one of them. April 23, 2004. Six years later, I can recount it in detail. This was a short visit, so we wanted to see as much of Sedona in one day as possible. And we did. I am not entirely convinced that we didn't somehow expand time in order to pull it off, but that would be crazy talk, right? My friend wasn't lying about the life-changing part. This place turned my sneakers red and stuck to me like glue.

Where I live it's all moist green, winding rivers, rolling hills, and a view that reaches up the street at best. In Sedona, the vistas were blowing my mind. I had never been able to see that far into the distance except when in Illinois. I can assure you that there's no comparison. I don't know if it's the rich colors of the desert and breath-taking rock formations set against blazing blue sky or maybe it's the altitude that gets me. All I know for sure is that, when I am there, I feel like the weight of the world is lifted from my shoulders. I cannot gush enough. Obviously.

Although I would gladly pack up my family and move out there in a heartbeat, I doubt it's a move that we will ever make. Ohio is and probably always will be home base. But that doesn't mean that I can't fantasize, right? I would setup a Reiki practice there, for animals and people, and I would continue to wrap my pendants and sell them through the sweet little crystal shops in town. In my free time, I would hike and climb as much as possible. My forefinger would ache from snapping so many photos. And, hopefully, I would be regularly hosting friends from faraway places in need of a soulful fill-up. That would be the best part.


Who knows. Dreams can come true. Until then, I think I am years past due for my next visit. Join me?


Annette said...

I'm stunned that I'm reading you writing this! I, too, lost my heart to Sedona, around the same time you did. My memories are also very vivid.

Love your description of OH - I wave my freak flag pretty low myself here in MD. It's nice to imagine a place where you feel like you fit in better.

I'll go back any time with you!

Beth said...

the first time I was in Sedona... I think 1995 I had driven through in the dark on our way back to Phoenix from the Grand Canyon. The next morning I drove into the heart of Sedona with someone else and I clearly remember emerging from the trees and seeing those red rocks. I thought to myself, I can't believe that all of this beauty was surrounding me last night and I had no idea. Sedona has had me ever since.

I look forward to comparing more stories about that magical place.

Amelia said...

Well then, come stay with me! I am a two hour drive to Sedona :)