Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 16,347: A Little Prayer

Saying a little prayer for those of you bravely navigating your way through loss, hardship, and transitions right now. You, in your job search. You, in your tumultuous relationship. You, in your loss. You, with your diagnosis. You, in your move. You, in mixed feelings. You, in your uncertainty, frozen at the fork in the road.

I pray that you are relieved and buoyed in whatever ways are most comforting and helpful to you now.

I pray for ideal solutions that arrive for you at the right time and in the best possible way.

I pray for angels, both in their heavenly and ordinary-human forms, to come to your aid and blanket you in love and support.

I pray for your heart to be opened wide to hope.

I pray for you to understand that goodbyes are for now and not forever.

I pray that you move forward in complete peace with whatever you decide is best for you.

I pray for the swift removal of all doubts, especially in terms of your strength and lovability.

I pray that you are reminded in gentle and glorious ways of your tremendous worth and the difference that your blessed presence makes to so many others in this world.

I pray for you to receive a whiff of the relief that will come later in hindsight, when suddenly what happened finally makes perfect sense.

I pray for your tears to be dried, your wounds to be healed, and your faith to be restored.

I pray that this time of pain is brief and that you have numerous tools at your immediate disposal for some relief.

I pray for outrageous humor to visit and relax you into laughter when you find yourself tangled up in what-ifs.

I pray for hugs and chocolate to be made available to you in unlimited abundance.

I pray for your wishes, your dreams, and your prayers for new beginnings and brighter days.

I give thanks in advance for all of the miracles with your name upon them.



amelia said...

What a lovely prayer and image- thank you

Anonymous said...

Julie, you are SO precious. Thank you for this prayer - it is absolutely beautiful. xoxo

Jakk said...

Thank so much, Amelia, dear. This baby praying mantis photo is a favorite. I was taking pictures of our coleus and there it was practically waving at me. Love that camera magic!

Katie, you are so very welcome. I hope it brings comfort to all who read it. Much love to you!

Beth said...

so lovely, Julie.
I look forward to seeing you Wed!