Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 16,355: Week in Review

In a week of highs and lows, hots and colds, hits and misses, came a bright package from soulful mama, Lauren with the handmade prayer flags and dream pillow that I ordered from her enchanting shop. She surprised me by including an amazing crystal which is one of the fastest ways to win my heart. The prayer flags are hanging on the meditation side of our patio garden and make me smile as I see them through the living room window, waving to me in the breeze.
Other highlights of this week included connecting with several of my dear PFM/Integrate sisters.
We can't be together again in person soon enough and are in the process of cooking up just such a reunion in October. Counting the days!

As much as I had hoped to get back into the Workshop this week, it wasn't feasible. But today I am going to the Gemstreet Show to immerse myself in gemstones, beads, and inspiration. I look forward to coming home with a fresh batch of lovelies for wrapping into pendants and other creations. My friend, Frances, will be joining me. We have traveled together to Sedona twice and don't know of a crystal shop that's not delighted to see us. We carry cash and mean business!

Wishing you rest, fun, and welcome relief from the heat this weekend!

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amelia said...

hey sweet friend- you have been on my mind- it is amazing how this week we appear to have similar weeks, well, as far as the ups and downs high's and low's. It really reminded me how much I miss my soul sistas! can't wait to see you in october xoxo