Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 16,488 Gratitude

I am grateful for hot pink buds, growing fat and full, on the Christmas cactus that I rescued last January from the ol' hardware store. Two sickly plants with no evidence of flowers, I repotted them together and crossed my fingers all year as it kept me company in my office. I love to see it (and anything, for that matter) flourishing!

I am grateful for this upcoming afternoon of warm conversation and hot tea with long-time friends, Julie and Debbie.

I am grateful for another dear friend, Lisa, bringing comfort through craft at this upcoming Bereavement Quilt Workshop here in Cincinnati, December 10-11. Art heals!

I am grateful that souper-friend, Katie, has made the leap onto Etsy with her new shop, Tea Leaf Knits. (Have you made the pledge to buy handmade?)

And, last but not least, a grateful tip of the hat to you, Nice 'N Easy 106A. You keep me from keepin' it too real.

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Sherri Lynn Wood said...

I love your gratitude posts. I've just started a gratitude journal so I'm so interested to hear the way other people write about what they are grateful for. Will you be taking the quilt making workshop? I hope so. I'll see you there!