Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

My side of the family will be coming over for dinner shortly. We keep it low-key, which means that I take full-advantage of prefab assistance. Things turn out better that way. I can do a lot of things, but Thanksgiving dinner from scratch is not among them. I used to feel ashamed and be apologetic about it. I'm over it now. I'm over feeling that way about a lot of things.

I try to make gratitude and appreciation a daily practice, so having this one day dedicated to thankfulness feels a lot like being told that there's just one day of the year that I get to brush my teeth and this is it. So I'm focusing on finding gratitude for the small and unusual things that I might otherwise overlook on a day-to-day basis.

So along with the big things that I will be celebrating along with everyone else, like loved ones, good health, and freedom, I'm giving thanks for you, tweezers. You spare me of tremendous ridicule. And I'm giving thanks for you, colander, because draining pasta without you would be impossible. And, last but not least, I'm giving thanks for you, Back arrow, because I can't imagine navigating my way around the world wide web without you.

I wish you abundant blessings on this great day of thanks. I'm so grateful that you've stopped by. May your gravy be lumpless. May your crust be flaky. And may there be plenty left over of whatever you love the most.

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