Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thank a Glue Person Day

Everyone has at least one Glue Person in their lives. Maybe you're related to one or work with them. Chances are you're friends.

Glue People have their hearts and hands available 24/7.
Glue People are the first to volunteer.
Glue People will step in without being asked.
Glue People tend to be great listeners.
Glue People have cool heads and good advice.
Glue People will make you laugh when you need it most.
Glue People bring people together.
Glue People reach out to create and maintain connections.
Glue People bring order to chaos.
Glue People clean up messes with relative ease.
Glue People see possibilities when and where others can't.
Glue People don't believe in the existence of lost causes.

So you don't think that you have a Glue Person in your life? Well, let me ask you this ... who would you call if were taken to jail? There's your Glue Person.

Glue People have a tendency to overdo and overgive. They may not be very good at receiving and, as a result, their tanks can run dry with little forewarning. They can find themselves in situations that they're more accustomed to helping others through. In other words, a Glue Person sometimes needs Glue People too.

So let's give thanks today for the Glue People in our lives ... past, present and future. And let's give thanks that we have the capacity to be the Glue Person for others. But let's remember that we aren't expected to serve as Glue People every day and that it's perfectly okay to take a break and even resign from that role with someone in particular or across the board when it starts to feel unhealthy. And never ever forget that asking for help is always, always, always a very good thing.

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