Monday, November 15, 2010

Five Years

I still wake up sometimes
With space for you
Above my head
I like to believe that
Maybe you stopped by
For a visit
Eighteen years
Is a long time to
Get to love each other
But not long enough
I hope that there are
Plenty of foil balls
Wherever you are
And cans of people tuna
Not that cat crap
You deserve the best
Because you were
The best
Still miss you
Chelsea Cat
All ways, always will


Jeanette said...

I had a black & white cat named Chelsea! Luck of fate had me stumble upon her when she was a measly ball of fur at 6 weeks. I was a flight attendant on a 3 hour break & took some leisure time which unknowingly led me past a pet store! It was love at first sight, and a "hold" sign was immediately hung from her cage. We spent 18 1/2 years together, but she sadly passed early 2009. Yep... "sigh"... not long enough.

P.S. On a brighter note - I love your writing style! I can tell you have many gifts. :-)

Jakk said...

Oh Jeanette, I'm sorry that you lost your Chelsea too. Maybe they're playing together somewhere ... or stretched out side-by-side in the sunshine.

I was just 22 when I adopted my Chelsea as a kitten. It was on the same day that I moved into my first apartment. She cost $40 and that included a litterbox and food. I still have the receipt because it makes me smile. She was with me through many moves, getting married, and becoming a mom. She passed just a month after I turned 40. I love, love, love our other pets, but Chelsea will always have an extra special place in my heart because we grew up together.

Thanks so much for commenting, Jeanette. I love to write and think it is so very important for us to share our stories.