Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 16,659: Something New

It felt like it was time for something new
A new template really freshens up the place
Blogger makes it easy because, left to my own devices
I know only enough HTML to be dangerous
I have Taos on my mind this week
Only three more sleeps and the journey begins
There is something magical about knowing that
You're going somewhere you've never been before
It's probably something that I need to do more often
I've closed the Etsy shop until June 20
Not long after I return from the high desert
I will make my annual pilgrimage to sea level
I am antipating a full and complete upgrade of my wiring
And then shortly thereafter I will be resitting
Shinpiden training with Frans Stiene here in town
This is the Reiki training that I took in California
In April of 2009 that turned my practice rightside up
I have been thinking about the fact that we're
Almost halfway through this year already
Summer Solstice will soon be upon us
And then the days will grow shorter again
Not a bad thing, of course ... it's how the wheel works
There are things to appreciate in every cycle
Right now, I am appreciating the moistness of spring
Everything here is cool, wet and green
The sky is still light after nine o'clock at night
I am daydreaming about the New Mexico night sky
While making lists and checking them twice
Haven't even left yet and there's already
So much that I can't wait to share!

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