Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 16,660: Test Follow-up

***Learned after the fact that I can post a photo or write but, sadly, not both at the same time***

Blogger promises to make it easy to blog via e-mail.  I'm giving it a go before I hit the road on Friday.  Hoping it works!

The photo above (below-in the previous post) was taken with my Photojojo macro lens.  It had me frustrated and befuddled until I discovered that it needs to be VERY close to the subject before it comes into focus.  The wide angle and fish eye lenses are fun despite the photos capturing the edge of the lens due to the curvature of the iPhone GS3.  Sometimes I'm too lazy to edit.

Today I am grateful that my to do list is getting shorter and almost all I need to do at this point is pack.  I'm grateful that texting is the new walkie-talkie.  And I'm grateful for the juicy anticipation that precedes a great adventure!

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