Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 17,190: Illuminated and Updated

The western edge of Sandy laid upon us today.  Enough to make it blustery and dreary, but not enough to thwart a fleeting but spectacular sunset that turned the tops of the trees to the east a fiery gold.  These are the small graces that shouldn't be taken for granted ... being at the right place at the right time.

I don't know if you know (and if you don't follow me on Facebook, you probably do not), but I renewed fourteen expired listings in my Etsy shop over the weekend.  One pendant sold that afternoon (thanks again, Denyce!) and another was selected for a Treasury.  So happy and honored!  Anyway, I think I have three more pendants ready to be listed when it gets bright enough for me to snap some pics.  And I believe I have 54 crystals still sitting pretty in the queue awaiting their embellishment.

Although it's a very big goal, every sale for the foreseeable future will go toward the possibility (fingers held and breath crossed) of me going to Kathleen Prasad's Reiki III class at the CARE Foundation in February 2013.  It would be an amazing opportunity to practice with the animals at this wild and exotic animal sanctuary in Apopka, Florida.  After my long summer hiatus, this is a great incentive to get me back into my workshop, happily tangled in wire.

In closing, my daughter is safe and sound after Halloween festivities at her university.  My husband is home after more than a week away, working long days out of town.  And this new normal is starting to feel more, um, normal to me.  For all of the above and far more than I have the time, space and typing speed to include here, I am deeply grateful.  (How about you?  Do share!)

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