Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 17,560 Gratitude: Put Back Together Again

Yesterday brought with it an emergency.  My daughter, visiting her boyfriend two hours away, had fallen down hardwood stairs.  She had the wherewithal to call us immediately afterward, in tears, for guidance, reassurance and support.  Parenting the injured from afar is impossible.  And worrisome, especially with a possible head injury.  Long story short, she is fine.  Bruised and sore, but fine.  For that and the great job her boyfriend did in handling the situation and getting her medical care, her father and I are so very grateful.

Today brought soul balm in the form of precious creative time at Spiderville Studio.  I suspect that most artists are accustomed to working alone.  There are advantages to the quiet, yes, but sometimes it can get pretty lonesome.  It was a treat to bring my wire-wrapping into this inspiring space with its tea-filled cups and sweet dogs at our feet.  Three new pendants were born within the artful vortex that we opened.  Most importantly, I learned that my art(s) need not be confined to my workshop.  I can be mobile!  I can be social!  For all of this I am so grateful!

(All three available at the open house next Saturday, November 9!)

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