Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 17,561 Gratitude: That Kind of Girl

Artistically, I have my hands in (and on) many things, but mine is a writer's heart.  I need to play with words in the way I play with images, color, textures and energy.  This is why I love my daily haiku practice (#myku) which I often post to Twitter.  The dance of syllables ... 5/7/5 ... that some days serve as a snapshot story and other days food for thought.  Join me! 

And, by the way, I really am that kind of girl.  It's taken me decades to understand this about myself.  At first it felt like a flaw to be so careful and cautious.  How many opportunities have I missed because of it?  Now I am discovering it to be a superpower because I can finally see it for what it is.  Discernment.  Sure, I would love to be more spontaneous ... perhaps even impetuous once in awhile ... swept up in a passionate wave of YES.  But, hey, I'm that girl.  Hanging back.  Waiting.  And worth it.

For this I am so grateful.

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